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How to Prepare your Instagram for Advertisement Campaigns

How to Prepare your Instagram for Advertisement Campaigns

Social media is a breeding ground for advertisement campaigns. Brands are getting on board with using Instagram and others as a way of reaching the masses and tapping into your followers. But how to get started on your first campaign? What do you need to consider?

Having acquired approximately 4-5K or even 1-3K audience, you may start receiving collaboration proposals from brands for advertisement campaigns. Far not all creators know that the quality of the advertising campaign depends largely on the quality of the creator’s account. Thus if you want to achieve significant results with the ad campaign and ensure further collaboration with same and other brands, you need to know how to make your Instagram account ready for ads.

The main prerequisites for a successful collaboration:

How to be sure that you have enough followers?

Nowadays, you don’t need to have a 100K audience to get paid for advertisement campaigns, but most brands prefer to choose influencers who have at least 20K followers on Instagram. If you have just 1K, there is no reason to be upset, since the new trend in 2020 is nano-influencers, which means that with the audience of this size you also have a chance. The number of followers affects the price per post, so if you want to earn more, you need to focus on growing your following, but only in an authentic way.

Check how engaged your followers are

The high number of followers does not ensure an equally high level of engagement. Another trap will be to know that your audience is engaged enough without comparing your account to other creators with the audience of the same size. Thus, focus on maintaining the engagement value and to compare yourself to other influencers now and then. If you have the engagement rate equal to or higher than your peers, you are on the right track!

Learn who your followers are

To ensure that your profile remains interesting to your followers, you need to know several things about them: which country or city they live in, how old they are and what topics they are interested in. This information will help you to create very tailored content and improve your content and growth strategy if needed. Secondly, it is always useful to have this information in your media kit

Apart from that, you need to know whether all your followers are of a good quality. You may have real people, mass followers, bots among your followers and what you should aim at is to have as many real people among your subscribers as you can. These are real Instagram users who do not follow too many profiles so they will see the content you post. Advertisers, in their turn, will be sure that the message in advertisement campaigns reached as many potential customers as possible.

Are your followers and your engagement authentic?

Most of the advertisers have already implemented the influencer vetting process, and they carefully check all influencers before they start any collaboration. Make sure you won’t have any issues and check the quality of your followers and the methods of growth you are using.

The surprising fact is that many creators do not even know that some of these methods they use go against Instagram community guidelines. For example, they may download some third-party apps which will perform actions on Instagram from their behalf and after a while, they are surprised to see that their engagement or reach got reduced. The latter two being reduced is the regular consequences of using automation aimed to grow the account.

However, any application which performs actions on your behalf does it in a massive manner and thus is perceived as automation by the Instagram algorithm. Having detected such behaviour, it takes measures against the account by reducing its reach. All in all, make sure you do not do the following actions: mass following, mass liking, engagement pods, buying likes, and comments, etc.

Do you have a precise niche?

Brands just like your followers love consistency in your content strategy. If you want to work on particular advertisement campaigns, for instance, with cosmetics companies, you need to have your content aligned with the skincare and makeup topics. Choose your niche and indicate it in the bio – this will help brands to find you much faster.

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Here is an example of how clearly you may state your niche in the bio: a profile of an influencer who makes content about yoga:

All in all

Getting your account ready for advertisements can be easy and fast but may also take a lot of your time and efforts in case you used some incorrect methods of growth. Remember that the easiest way is often not the safest and not the most efficient. Always monitor the changes which happen to your account and do not use any third-party apps which will perform actions on your behalf. Keep in mind the tips above and may plenty of proposals come to you!

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