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A day in the life of Healthy Twists

A day in the life of Healthy Twists

Hello, it’s Claire and Sarah here, from Healthy Twists. The Creative Impact team has asked us to share what it’s like being us, well not entirely that but more specifically what happens on a Healthy Twists day.

Currently, we can only dream of what used to be a Healthy Twists day – think Miranda meets the Vicar of Dibley in a kitchen – however enough of the moping about what pre-Covid days were like and let us talk about how we’ve adjusted, adopted new routines and realised that we can still create tasty dishes to share with our amazing community.

So, on a typical day, we get up to soak porridge – with a scrumptious flavour combination (we are addicts, but if we’re in a hurry or hungry it’s a smoothie or a bowl of granola) and chase the kids around the house until it’s time to get them to school. We then try to meet most days for a dog walk straight after drop-off – call it a morning meeting on the move.

This gives us a chance to breathe and hug a few trees. This varies though depending on lockdown rules or whether we have one of the children or us self-isolating.

Getting back to work

If it’s a recipe development day for a client, we’ll have checked the brief, ordered the ingredients, tried it out on the family, and have a rough idea of photography style. We shoot with natural light so that can dictate the mood of the image and location of product packaging.

like a lot of us, our client work took a nosedive in April 2020 and is taking its time to rebuild. But it’s not all woe – not at all, we’ve thrown ourselves into a secret project (shhh we shouldn’t have told you that and don’t you hate it when people do that?!), we have taken courses in SEO and website know-how, photography and styling – we love to learn.

We’ve realised that our website Healthy Twists is at our core – the sort of kitchen to our social media shop window, we’ve enjoyed getting stuck back into blogging – remind us why we haven’t done more? Developing recipes just for our community, oh and learning how to make reels for IG.

When it comes to recipes I’m (Claire) the creative chaos and Sarah is the practical realist, so I’ll often say (whilst jumping up and down with my hand in the air) “let’s do this, let’s make it, create it, write it now!” Sarah would look at me and say “yes that’s great but we need to post this and program in this, and you know, check that list we wrote”. It’s what we need as we are a team, and it works for us.

Yes, we get frustrated when we’ve not achieved everything in a week that we’d hoped, but 2020 hasn’t been the kindest to the best-laid planners.

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The reality of working apart

When working apart, Sarah is the recipe hunter, prepper – keeping Claire on track – then Claire makes the final recipe, shooting the images, and keeping social media ticking.

Every day between us we must have 78 phone calls, 8 FaceTime conversations with a combination of the following: “does this look right? Has it risen enough? did I put too much bicarb in, does it need bicarb at all? Man I wish you could taste this” usually with a response from Sarah of “that’s not fair – save me some!”

This is what a Healthy Twists day truly looks like. All in all, we’ve muddled through, decided on our direction for 2021, and are looking forward to being back together in the Healthy Twists kitchen. Let’s face it: doing stupid dancing in the kitchen is far more fun when there are 2 people joining in.

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