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Hannah Rose Cluley on social media, self-esteem and recovery

Hannah Rose Cluley on social media, self-esteem and recovery

Hannah Rose Cluley

We had a chat with Hannah Rose Cluley ahead of our networking event in November. Don’t forget to get your tickets to meet Hannah and the whole panel!

It all started blogging when I was recovering from my first knee operation in 2015, I couldn’t walk, I was living at my mum’s house so she could help me, I was hundreds of miles away from my friends at uni and I started posting on a fitness Instagram account to help me stay healthy and accountable for my rehab whilst I was learning to walk again.

Since dealing with depression, I have gone through a lot of changes to switch my outlook, one has been to write down or even post on my insta stories three things that I am grateful for every day.

Whether it’s someone being extra kind in a shop, or noticing a positive change in my body, it makes you really look for those things to be grateful for, and once you’re looking you start seeing so many things.

Aside from loving my body, my injury taught me so much about proprioception and being physically aware of my body in space.

It also taught me a whole new way of training, as the attention I have to pay when I am even just walking up the stairs is amazing. I actually feel blessed to have gone through it as I know it’s made me a better teacher and PT, as I am more attentive to others’ needs.

New Year’s Day this year I decided to become a yoga teacher.

I had known for a while that I wanted to do my teacher training but I was umming and aahing, and on that day I just decided to go for it.

I had people in my life telling me they didn’t think it was a good idea, but I knew that it was the right thing, and I haven’t looked back since. I chose my day to leave work, handed in my notice, paid for my course and just went for it.

I think since doing my Yoga Teacher Training, my awareness of the world around me has evolved massively.

I am so much more spiritual and the way I look at people and view my conversations, particularly with strangers has changed a lot. I try to be kind and give the benefit of the doubt wherever possible. I also have taken a huge step towards working on being environmentally friendly, as I realise more than ever that our planet and the things living on it are so important.

Authenticity is MASSIVE.

I personally think it’s one of the most important elements. Social media is accountable for so many self-esteem issues in our culture, especially in young girls who don’t need to go and buy a magazine anymore to see perfect (and sometimes photoshopped) bodies to compare their own with.

Because of this I think anyone with a following has a responsibility to be authentic and be real, I get that some people might think their followers don’t want to be ‘brought down’, but from my own experience people prefer you to be honest, particularly about the less positive times, as everyone goes through it, as well as showing that everybody is human and that nobody is perfect.

Balance can be tricky.

I have to be careful, and at the start, I would just take on whatever I could for the fear of not making money, but now I am getting a bit wiser. I put absolutely everything into my calendar and always make lists of what I need to get done, as well as making sure I check my schedule every evening for the next day so I know what I have going on.

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By nature, I am the kind of person who will work work work and put that before anything else.

It’s how I’m wired and my mum is the same. But I know that to stay sane and to stay healthy and happy I need to have downtime. So I usually schedule things in as if it’s a business meeting. Whether it’s a yoga class, meeting up with a friend for food or just sitting on my sofa and watching some TV, I make sure I fit it in.

For me wellness is about being healthy and happy in all realms of my life, not just being ‘physically fit’ but also nourishing my body, checking in with my emotions, allowing myself time to rest and also building healthy and happy relationships.

Our bodies are not indestructible.

Yes, they support us in incredible ways but they can only take so much. For me, crazy training and pushing myself to extremes isn’t something that’s going to work for me and I have had to accept that.

I also had to accept that some forms of physical activity won’t work for me due to my injury, it’s been a hard fight to stop hating my body for what it can’t do, and start to love it for it can do, but I am here now and it’s made my life so much more positive.

To meet Hannah and hear her whole story, don’t forget to join us on the 11th November!


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