How to Grow your Email List with Lead Magnets

From zero to 10,000 - all you need is to get started



By creating a kickass lead magnet you'll be able to grow your email list, but also establish yourself as the expert and authority you are in your field. Credibility means trust, and that means you'll be able to create a relationship with your audience from day one 🎊

A lead is a potential customer for your business. They might buy from you. But you want them to definitely buy from you!

So, you need to make sure that the leads you attract are the right ones by creating incredible magnets.

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Lead magnets allowed us to grow to over 10,000 subscribers by doing what we love: providing amazing value.


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    The main reason we recommend you use lead magnets is to grow your email list in an organic way. Once a person has given you permission to email them, that means you can build a relationship with them.

    People really do buy people, particularly if you’re the only person in your business!