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Grace Beverley launches new workout app, Shreddy

Grace Beverley launches new workout app, Shreddy

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Today marks the launch of Grace Beverley’s third venture. Shreddy. The content creator, influencer and YouTuber already broke the internet with the launch of her brand, WeAreTala.

The Shreddy Instagram account reached over 10k in only 24h from the official announcement on Beverley’s official channels.

Earlier this year Beverley featured in The Times’ list of Britain’s top 100 influencers next to Joe Sugg, brother of beauty vlogger Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg and many others.

Credits: We are Tala

The SHREDDY app is launching today and includes a combination of workouts, real-time classes, healthy and delicious recipes, goal-driven meal plans and a community of thousands of women motivating each other. Beverley adds on Instagram: “Shreddy takes your goals and preferences and provides you with brand new incredible workouts, real-time classes, meal plans with tasty recipes and of course the same inspiring community we’ve always been known for, all in-app.”

You can check her YouTube announcement video here.

In her Instagram post, she adds “We didn’t just want to come out with an app because the move is tech now, we wanted to create a product that was just right, a concept I myself would use and love & would be indispensable to my fitness journey. I wanted it to be accessible to all levels whilst also not losing sight of the individual in order to cater to all. I find one of the biggest problems with getting into fitness is that there is so much contrasting information and you kind of just want someone to tell you what to do, when to do it and how to do it with a little bit of flexibility to suit your lifestyle, knowing you’ll get the goals.”

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Check out the teaser video from Instagram below.

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