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Going Offline In 2020 with Boxx London

Going Offline In 2020 with Boxx London

Chelsea Cox

The link between mental health and exercise is well-known and Boxx are taking full advantage, encouraging fitness out of self-love and joyful movement. With group classes like these, going offline for an hour or so nvere felt so good.

Boxx was born online in 2017 offering their customers at home boxing, cardio, hiit & yoga classes, having developed a solid global customer base for their online platform, founder, Anna Samuels, has decided to take their much loved online classes offline and open their very first fitness studio in London, giving a place for their London based audience to try their classes IRL, an opportunity to build further community through face to face interaction and a place to create more amazing content for their global online community.

What made Anna take their successful online platform and convert it into brick & mortar?

Our overarching mission is to get people to move more and what better way to do that then by increasing the ways in which people can access our classes, says Anna Sameuls, founder of Boxx.

The need for more group exercise options is apparent within EMD UK’s (the national governing body for group exercise) 2019 published white paper entitled “Sweating Your Assets, The Value Of Group Exercise”. Group exercise is presented as a solution to two of society’s growing problems – inactivity and loneliness. EMD UK also outline the value and impact of group fitness classes, it also demonstrates the growing popularity of group based training.

The importance of group classes

According to their figures, around 4.86 Million people take part in group classes every week so the demand is very much there, as well as the physical health benefits, the paper outlines how group exercise can be used to promote health benefits, such as tackling loneliness through social inclusion. Boxx have created classes for everyBODY to enjoy.

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“We wanted to create an inclusive space, offering a warm welcome to everyone regardless of fitness levels, age or body shape & size, we want people to leave feeling positive about moving their bodies, diversity is key to encouraging participation from everyone” says Anna Samuels.

Another important aspect for any fitness business worth their salt in 2020 is the encouragement of exercise out of self love and joyful movement, essentially creating a safe, non judgemental and encouraging space, which is exactly what Boxx do through their class variations. “ We hope everyone that comes to our studio, leaves feeling the benefits of their class both physically and mentally”

Want to try out Boxx?

You can book your studio class here and find out about Boxx Online here. Plus, if you work for a company who might be interested in offering a team building class to their employees, please do get in touch at: anna@boxxldn.com!
Stay up to date on social media, too by following Boxx on Instagram.

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