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3-Day Social Media Calendar Challenge

In this class you’ll learn how to set up marketing systems that work for you – all you have to do is to book in 30mins on your social media, and you’ll constantly get an influx of users to your website all day (even when you are asleep ⏰ ).

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3-Step Instagram Strategy Challenge

The right Instagram strategy allows you to examine whether you are meeting your goals or not. It gives you the opportunity to tweak your Instagram profile and content, so you stay on track and create the best goals for you ⚡️

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TikTok for Creatives 5-Day Challenge

A five-day challenge to learn the basics on how to navigate and create content on TikTok as a creative, from posting your first video to transitions. By completing this challenge, you’ll be ready to take on TikTok and create viral videos 🌱

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Free classes

Five Steps to Perfect Flatlay Photos

Flatlays are a simple, aesthetic way to display a brand or product. Looking for simple steps to make your flatlays shine? Join Fab from Creative Impact and Matt & Tom from design consulting Club Backdrop to discuss 5 key steps to creating the best flatlay photos 📷

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The 5 Emails to Send to Your Email List

Learn about what top creators write in their emails to earn a full-time living online (without annoying their subscribers). The real reason people open emails and how to write the emails that your audience can’t wait to get in their inbox 💌

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