Five surprising ways you can use CBD in your home

Nia Davies

Now that we have answered a few of your common questions about what CBD oil actually is, Nia has now let us in on a few tips and tricks. Read on to learn a few surprising CBD uses in your home. Catch up on the first article here with Nia Davies of Yugenial.

Hemp is one of the most diverse plants known to man. From supplements and beauty to skincare, clothing and even textiles, the uses seem to be limitless.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active components extracted from this plant-based remedial wonder. The oil is obtained by cold pressing the stem, leaf and flowers. Here are our top 5 CBD uses for this liquid gold in the home.


In Food

Add a health kick to some of your favourite recipes by adding a dash of CBD oil and perhaps a healthy fat such as MCT (the metabolism booting coconut oil component).

The Yūgenial.com Elixir is perfect for this, containing both MCT and CBD together, which helps cannabidiol be absorbed by the body more efficiently. You can pour the oil onto salads, add it to shakes and smoothies, hot coffees and teas, or even bake it into your favourite desserts. CBD naturally has a low bioavailability so it is best taken with food and healthy fats.

In The Bath

Just as you can add a little herbal tea to a bath for a wonderfully scented, DIY spa treatment, a few drops of CBD also goes down a treat! Bathing herbs have been used in baths for thousands of years. Other great CBD uses for mixing include Himalayan salt soaks, jasmine, rose and lavender herbs scattered into the mix. If you struggle with sleeping, doing this before bed as a night-time ritual comes highly recommended.

On Your Skin

The skin naturally contains CB1 and CB2 receptors, two receptors that interact with the CBD molecule. Our body naturally produces its own supply of endogenous cannabinoids, which regulates our endocannabinoid system.

Certain illnesses have been investigated for links with imbalances in the endocannabinoid system and taking exogenous CBD may help readdress the balance and encourage harmony and homeostasis.

Diffused into the air

The popular Vapes have come under fire recently for health and safety concerns with regards to lung health. Although inhaling CBD is an incredibly quick and effective way to dose up, it is perhaps best to use other modes of application such as sublingual and topical and for now.

However burning a CBD candle in the room avoids the costs associated with direct inhalation. The Yugenial CBD candle also doubles up as a massage oil as it is 100% natural, allowing the benefits to be absorbed directly into the skin at the same time.

For Pets

It is important that when giving CBD products to pets, the ingredients do NOT include THC. CBD isolate should be used as opposed to a broad or full spectrum supplement. THC can be potentially toxic to cats and dogs if in concentrations above 0.3%.

See Also

Veterinarian Stephanie McGrath is one of the leading researchers in the field. Having started in 2016, one of her first studies analysed how capsules, oils and creams affected the way CBD moved through the bodies of dogs.

She found that oil had the best pharmacokinetic profile of the 3 methods, meaning that it reached the highest concentration in the blood and stayed in the bloodstream the longest.

A 2018 study found that CBD use seemed to ease discomfort in dogs with osteoarthritis. The following year McGrath published a study showing that CBD may reduce the number of seizures experienced by epileptic dogs.

The versatility and potential of this natural compound make this one of the most interesting and useful additions to the kitchen, bathroom or medicine cabinet to date. Mother nature knows best!

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