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Female Empowerment and Anti-Bullying with Pink Diamond

Female Empowerment and Anti-Bullying with Pink Diamond

Hasina Rahman, founder of Pink Diamond Martial Arts wants to empower women and girls with self-confidence, self-esteem and lifesaving martial arts skills!

She started her martial arts journey at the age of 15, having achieved 3 black belts in 3 different styles of martial arts.  Hasina currently runs MMA, Muay Thai and self-defence classes in a female only environment.  Hasina has always raised awareness for anti-bullying in her classes and by carrying out workshops in schools, clubs across the UK. She will continue to work towards female empowerment & being a boss lady!

You can find out more about Hasine and Pink Diamond Martial Arts on their Instagram.

Standing up to bullies, easier said than done! Growing up in the 90s I was bullied at school for three  years. How did I deal with it? Ignoring the situation, hoping it would go away. Trying to “blend” in so they wouldn’t notice me. My main aim at school was to be invisible, so the kids wouldn’t notice my skin colour was a different shade.

Twenty years later, I now run my own Martial Arts club teaching MMA, Muay Thai, self defence and anti-bullying to children and adults. I’ve learnt from my mistakes and want to provide support and confidence to the new generation of young people. Is bullying still a problem? It’s an even bigger problem with social media bullying and high expectations to look a certain way. But the problem can be tackled, by teaching our children to accept themselves just as they are and helping them to improve their self-confidence.

In my anti bullying class, I make all the children say the following, very loud and clear:

– I am good enough

– I am strong

– I am confident

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– I am kind to others

If you say something often enough, you start to believe in it…….

So who does a bully target? Bullies look for someone who may be shy, lacks confidence and looks different than them. They look for someone that will make them look and feel good.

Here are my tips for standing up to bullies!
  1. Stand up for yourself! I was always told, walk away. Unfortunately sometimes this can make the situation worse. My advice, don’t walk away! Give eye contact to the bully, with a clear firm voice try saying “don’t do that”. Bullies don’t like confrontation or confidence. Show both, be firm but not aggressive.
  1. Don’t hit back. Try to avoid fighting at all costs. Attend a martial arts or self-defence class, learn how to deflect a punch or a kick and take control of the situation.
  1. Control your emotions even if you’re scared. Once they see the tears, the bully will know they have got you just where they want you.
  1. Tell someone – a teacher or take it to the head teacher if it is not taken seriously. Talk to friends and your parents. Bullying does not only affect your childhood, it can carry on into your adult life causing mental health problems like depression. It is extremely harmful to young children and some unfortunately do self- harm thinking it will help to eliminate the pain they are feeling. Be there for those, who you may think are being bullied. Give them your time, support and help them find a sport or passion to get involved in.


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