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How to Balance Life Well with Emily O’Neill

How to Balance Life Well with Emily O’Neill

Wellness, balance, mental health. Three words that thrown around a lot today, and for good reason. Creative Impact member, Emily O’Neill is on a mission to support people with their mental health through self-awareness and empowerment through her business, Balance Life Well.

Balance Life Well is dedicated to helping people to improve their mental health through self-awareness and empowerment. It provides a safe space for people to feel understood, supported and connected.

Hi! My name is Emily O’Neill.

Emily O'Neill
Emily O’Neill

When I was younger, I really struggled with my mental health and felt like I wasn’t understood by those around me, as well as myself. My parents first noticed my mood swings when I was as young as 5 years’ old. When I sought help, I was turned away which isolated me even further. These feelings and lack of support went on for over a decade, until I began to do my own research into what was going on for me.

I am now passionate about mental health and psychology. My mission is to help people who are struggling with their mental health, or overall happiness, to feel understood, supported and connected. I aim to support as many people as possible to improve their mental health through self-awareness and empowerment.

What inspired you to start your brand?

My own experience is 100% what led me to start Balance Life Well.

I felt angry that so many people who are struggling aren’t getting the support or help that they need.
Yes, there is counselling available (when you finally get to the top of the waiting list) which can be life-changing, but what do you do in between those 1-hour weekly sessions when you are alone with your thoughts?
Yet, as well as feeling angry, I also felt empowered. Because I found a way to help myself out of those dark periods and now it is my time to share that knowledge with whoever needs it.

What’s your competitive advantage? What makes you unique?

I think there is so much competition out there but what makes me unique is myself. Not one person has the exact same set of qualities, skills or personality.
In terms of competitive advantage, I believe the range of my skills and lived experience of mental ill-health is a key differentiator when it comes to supporting someone else in their journey to happiness.
My passion shines through all conversations I have, and people pick up on that.

What skills did you come to the brand with already and how has this helped grow your business?

My background is as a spa therapist and eventually in HR, which developed my communication with others, in addition to supporting and helping people to feel better.
I was also a Mental Health First Aider before starting my brand. This developed my understanding of complex mental health conditions and the stigma relating to mental illness.
I began my studies towards becoming a qualified counsellor 6-months before I launched my brand. What I have learnt during my studies so far has been transformational for me and my brand. I better understand the human psyche and the power of a therapeutic relationship. It has solidified my belief that the answers that an individual is seeking is always within themselves.

What skills did you improve or add to your toolkit by starting your brand?

This year, I have become a qualified NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Time Techniques Practitioner, Hypnotherapist; and, Life and Success Coach.
The skills I learnt learning these techniques are so powerful and ones that I am currently including in my coaching offering. What I have learnt will help clients explore their thoughts and emotions, whilst making powerful shifts to overcome any obstacles that are getting in the way of their dream life.

What is your favourite thing about being a member of Creative Impact?

The positivity, the guidance, the community, the courses that they offer on a variety of different topics and the opportunities they give to their members.

What’s the most rewarding part of running your own brand?

That it doesn’t feel like a job, it’s exciting and it is my passion. I love supporting people transform their overall happiness and what is more rewarding than following your purpose and helping others?!

Self-care is a big part of being able to show up for others. If I only have 5 minutes, I would be on the sofa cuddling my dog.

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What one failure or challenge are you glad you experienced, and what have you learned from it?

There have been a few challenges!
My biggest challenge has been imposter syndrome, this is something that still creeps up on me. With all the competition that is out there, I found myself comparing myself to others and questioning why someone would want my help or offering over someone else’s. But I’ve realised that if I didn’t try, I would regret it for the rest of my life. And like I said before, we are all unique and my offering will never be the same as anyone else’s, and vice versa.

My biggest failure was the launch of my first product, which was a mood tracking journal. To date, I have only sold 10 copies which was very disheartening for me at the time. However, this experience has taught me the power of an effective launch strategy. Something that I won’t neglect again when launching a product or offering!

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own brand?

If you can’t stop thinking about it, do it! Don’t let anyone else make you doubt yourself and your vision.
I wish I had realised this before starting my brand. Not everyone will be able to see what the benefits are of you starting a brand and your capability to make it worthwhile. But that’s okay, let them have those opinions and prove them wrong. If I had trusted my gut more and ignored other’s opinions, I would have started Balance Life Well a year before I created it.

You can find out more about Emily O’Neill and her work through Balance Life Well on her website and her Instagram.

And find out why Emily O’Neill loves the Creative Impact Community so much by checking us out.

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