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How to Ease Bloating and Discomfort with Alflorex

How to Ease Bloating and Discomfort with Alflorex

Laura Bell

Alflorex is the only food supplement range in Europe with PrecisionBiotics®  technology. This precision probiotic contains the unique 35624 culture: a naturally occurring bacterial strain said to improve the health of gut microbiota.

If you suffer from IBS, eczema or digestive issues, taking a probiotic may help to improve your condition. But could Alflorex work for you?

We asked Sanoober Patel, a 29-year-old Londoner, to share her experience of Alflorex.

Sanoobar had never experienced any digestive problems until around two and a half years ago when she starting getting really uncomfortable bloating that wouldn’t go away. “It was just so uncomfortable,” says Sanoobar, who works in the marketing department at a college. “My stomach felt so hard and tender much of the time – my belly felt like there was a permanent knot in it. I’d feel self-conscious wearing anything close fitting as I’d worry everyone would notice that my stomach was sticking out.”

At the time, Sanoobar was preparing to get married, so she wondered if it was the stress and excitement involved in preparing for the big day that was at the route of her gut issues. But after things had settled and she was feeling calm on an emotional level, the bloating still continued.

Sanoobar also noticed that she was suffering from constipation and there would be days when she couldn’t go to the loo, which made her feel even worse. “It felt just like I wasn’t digesting the food I ate properly and it was just sort of getting stuck,” she remembers. As Sanoobar is vegetarian and eats a diet that’s quite high in fibre rich foods, constipation was an unusual and unpleasant symptom for her to put up with. Moreover, Sanoobar felt her energy levels sinking to rock bottom. “I was just so tired all the time,” she says. “Looking back I think feeling bloated and uncomfortable all the time was just so wearing that it manifested itself in this way.”

Despite being sympathetic during consultations, Sanoobar’s GP seemed unable to offer a huge amount of help and didn’t think her condition warranted any tests until she’d experimented with probiotics and diet. “It was all bit vague and I began to feel a bit like I was a nuisance or making things up after I’d been back a couple of time,” she says. “Whilst I did try a couple of probiotic supplements nothing improved very much for very long. I did discuss with the GP the possibility that I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome but she was reluctant to give this as a diagnosis.”

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Experimenting with cutting cut down on dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt (she swapped to soya yogurt instead) did seem to help Sanoobar’s symptoms but it was managing the symptoms rather than showing a significant improvement to her heatly. “Moderating my carbs a bit helped somewhat as well but it’s quite restrictive trying to stick mainly to meals of protein, salad and veg, especially when you don’t eat meat. I felt as though I could not eat the meals I enjoyed and wanted to eat,” she says.

Happily for Sanoobar, the fact that she writes a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog in her spare time (Sanoobar Unscripted), proved the means of finding a more permanent solution to her bloating troubles. She explains: “I was attending a blogging event in London about six months ago when I came across the Alflorex stand. Suddenly I was talking to people who really understood what I was going through; Alflorex is a probiotic targeted specifically toward IBS and symptoms like the ones I had. Even so, when I started taking the product myself I wasn’t convinced it would work, and to be honest for the first month I didn’t notice too much difference. Then slowly but steadily the bloating and discomfort starting to improve and I began to feel so much better. Now, six months on, it’s absolutely brilliant how much I’ve improved and I can honestly say I feel back to normal. Naturally I’m a real convert to the product and wouldn’t be without it. I feel so much happier and more energetic now my bloating is gone!”

You can find out more about Alflorex on their website, and purchase their products in Boots and pharmacies across the UK. Find your nearest stockist here.

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