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Five Lessons from the Creative Impact Summit 2020

Five Lessons from the Creative Impact Summit 2020

Fab Giovanetti

On Friday 28th February we welcomed over 150 people to our yearly conference.

For the past four years, we hosted the HBC Summit, currently rebranded as Creative Impact Summit, a conference focusing on marketing, content, partnerships and monetising your own talent in the digital world, whilst making a positive impact on others and the world.

This year we brought you a brand new conference experience, in collaboration with Live Well London, bringing together an inspirational collection of the very best in wellbeing, health, and fitness.

Creative Impact partnered up with the best of the best to support you taking care of your emotional and physical wellbeing and discover how to be the happiest and healthiest version of you.

With 18 speakers and 150 creatives, founders and professionals, the evening was one that will be remembered for years to come.

Panels for the summit included “Be true to your brand”, which will help you discover how to create a brand that feels authentic to who you are, “How to create viral content for every media” and “How to launch your next products”, exploring why so many creatives set up to create their own products, creating million-pound brands. 

Here are some of our top takeaways.

Tell your story

We kicked off our journey talking about branding, bringing to the stage personal brands like registered holistic nutritionist Simone Venner (@msholistic) and duo Sara and Simon from Sara Da Silva Sportswear

Sophie Clyde Smith, the modern career coach, reminded us that in order to be authentically ourselves when showing up online: “Your personal values are the most important thing for your brand (eg wellness, personal development) be mindful of these when building your brand to add authenticity! Start by defining what these are in relationship to yourself and your brand.”

Another key takeaway came from Ben Bradburyauthor, storyteller and podcast host: “fall in love with your problem”. If you articulate your user’s pain point better than they can, you win.

The way we consume content is changing

In our panel with Jo Youle, Rob Eades and Bonnie Parsons we explored the importance of creating conversations that are authentic and engaging for your audience. “Make your podcast stand out but making the most of the environment you’re in” shared broadcaster and podcast producer Jo Youle “if you’re a yogi, you’ll feel more connected in a yoga studio or on a retreat! Having a plan, a structure, and a format! It’s not just about creating content.”

“There’s not a one size fits all approach to viral content. It’s about being original and creating something sensational, being able to capture dance is a massive deal. You can spend so much money on the dancers and studios and it can have the opposite effect as it’s not as relatable” added SOS dance founder Bonnie Parsons. “Not having any money forces you to be creative”.

What are the next best platforms, trends or hacks? According to influencer and presenter Rob Eades, it’s less about platforms and more about connections: “Make sure your post and your platforms are true to you… your followers will follow you where you go”

When in doubt, make it simple

In our workshop on social media and websites, Creative Impact founder Fab Giovanetti was joined by brand and social media consultant Rachel Chatham and digital expert Khaleelah Jones to discuss website and social media hacks. “Website user experience is so important!” kicked off Fab Giovanetti.

“Making things simple so website visitors know what they want you to do. Simplify it to one action” added Jones “ how do you actually experience the website? The text colour? The loading speed? A slow-loading website will tear apart your SEO! Pair it back and keep it simple. It’s also really good to get your friend’s feedback.” Tools like Pingdom.com can tell you how fast your website loads.

A similar sentiment has been echoed by Rachel Chatham “It’s not about growing social media just for growing numbers… take the numbers out of it! Really engaging an audience, having a one on one connection and working with micro-influencers. Video views, engagement are all big drivers.”

Create a connection with your customers

As the Summit journey progressed, we focused on launching new products and brands with four incredibly inspiring boss ladies. “We have the opportunity with social media to build a following and use this as a springboard to something above and beyond!” pointed out Emily Trenouth, Head of Influencer Marketing Strategy, MediaCom “ Brands want to think outside the box of what else you’ve got to offer as an influencer.”

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Steph Elswood, influencer and founder of Sasstainable shared her journey as a new startup company: “passion is key, finding your niche and go for it. Back yourself. Be honest too… it’s great to have that creativity and opportunities.”

Anna Samuels, founder of BOXX, echoes the sentiment and reminds us that startup owners are what we like to call “jacks of all trades” “You learn everything from scratch when starting out. You do everything! Don’t let it put you off… just start! Talk to your customers and get their feedback. Be flexible to change as you go.”

Finally, Phoebe Greenacre, co-founder of Silou London reminds us of the importance of always coming back to your goals “make sure your goals are aligned with your values to make you the best person for yourself. You’ll wear many hats in one day, her past in therapy and coaching really helped calm her down and prevent and rash decisions.”

Better sales come down to gained confidence

When you think sales, what is the first word that comes to mind? Chelsea Cox, founder of Welldefined, reminds us that so many people have a difficult relationship with money: “I find it much harder personally and professionally to talk about money. We’re scared to ask what other people are charging. I’d love to get rid of this – we have to be honest about what we want to earn to be successful.”

Mindset is something that echoed throughout the whole workshop.

“Unlearn how you’ve been told or forced to be and re-connect with who you are.” shared marketing specialist Nicola Rae-Wickam “Being your true self – unapologetically. Show elements of your life in your brand. That’s your spark and what makes you unique in the marketplace.”

This is a feeling that wellness entrepreneur coach Vicky Shilling echoed as well “confidence is key! You’ve got to think about how you can be of service? Not a sales and “pushing” mindset but a sales conversation in which you’re talking for 30% of the time. What’s their problem? Money mindset books are great reads”. Get out of the scarcity mindset.”

Letty Edwards, founder of the Mind Collective, leaves us with a thought-provoking question “why would someone want to buy from you? Be clear about what you want to sell. Go beyond emails, speak face to face or actually talk to people on the phone and have an actual conversation. Brands want to work with people who are authentic and real.”

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