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Our courses have been created with the idea of supporting creatives, wellness professionals and founders get the knowledge and strategy they need to make a bigger impact online.

We believe there are two key steps to making a bigger impact: grow your audience through key tools in order to monetise your content via digital products, partnership or online shops.

Creative Impact is an amazing group to be a part of. I am always learning from the content shared, the courses available, and the amazing online magazine. It's such a helpful platform to meet other professionals, make friends and share knowledge. Thanks team!

Bridgette Health Coach

All of the hard work that Fab does for Creative Impact has really helped to guide me in terms of turning my blog into a business. I’ve found her courses and tutorials so beneficial and she’s always been open to helping me when I’ve nagged her with my many questions! All of the advice, tips and tricks that she’s provided me with are something that I now use on a daily basis.

Yasmin Blogger

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Digital Product Launchpad

Creating a product may look easy, but marketing it effectively it's a skill that takes years to perfect. Unless you know the shortcuts to make passive income rock. Are you looking to monetise your expertise? It’s time to tap into the power of passive income with your very own digital products. 💡

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About our courses

From any device

Access our courses from any device including your laptop and your mobile through a dedicated app.

Next level training

Short actionable lessons, including case studies and examples. We believe in showing you the formula in action.

Lifetime updates

If you’re looking for more hands on help and support then come and join our membership with 100s of creatives from all over the world.

Instagram Success Path

Our four-step path for conquering Instagram is the formula we devised after 6 years and the analysis of hundreds of accounts ⚡️ Get clear on how Instagram can help you get closer to your goals by using our proven framework and create a tangible strategy.

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Social Media Marketing Bible

The ultimate social media course, following the key steps you need to take in order to create a successful social media strategy that stands the test of time ⏰. Learn how to harness different networks and create a plan that drives traffic while you sleep.

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Business of Influence

The most comprehensive course for creators teaching you how to create better visual content, as well as how to secure great partnerships, negotiate your prices, create long term ambassadorships and capitalise on your influence and audience 🙌

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Social Media Courses Bundle

Two courses for the price of one! At Creative Impact we have our very own two step solution to help creatives, personal brands and professionals looking to make an impact online and grow their audience. The two-step solution starts with your Instagram success path, and leads you to the social media marketing bible.

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To be released later in 2020

Writing & Media Academy

You dream of becoming known as an expert but you aren’t quite sure how to start getting mentioned on big publications or how to land podcast interviews or guest posts on sites that your audience reads. Learn how to write content that creates instant fans and appeal to the masses 🎙