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Why you should promote content on autopilot with CoSchedule

Why you should promote content on autopilot with CoSchedule

Fab Giovanetti

Creating a content calendar that truly works does not have to be hard. Content marketing has become a fundamental approach to gaining a competitive advantage. When it comes to tools to help you build your calendar, I am a big fan of CoSchedule – it’s a platform I used for years as a WordPress user. 

Yet, it does not mean it’s only good for WordPress blogs. The tool works for both marketing and blog calendars. The challenge is to develop a smart and solid content strategy plan that actively engages your audience at minimum effort and encourages brand awareness.

Credits: CoSchedule

Effortlessly promote new content

One of my favourite things about CoSchedule is that it allows me to share campaigns directly from WordPress articles – which makes the whole process of scheduling content overall effortless.

This is something I teach our collective members and my clients all the time. Centralising and bringing everything back to one place is key when it comes to making sure you have time to share on social media.

That fact that you can even create templates for social campaigns based on recurring articles – we did something of this ilk for our podcast updates so that every time a new episode is out, the campaign pre-fills some of the copy and we can just use helpers (little snippets of text) to schedule the campaign for the whole month in just under 2 minutes.

Yup, two minutes.

This means that CoSchedule can also work incredibly well for people who do not blog, yet produce content regularly – exactly like a podcast.

This should allow you to post on your favourite networks at least one per week. For a podcast, it could look like this:

  • repurpose a quote from a guest into a graphic
  • share an audio snippet in your Instagram story
  • transcribe an episode takeaway into a caption
  • record the podcast as video as well and post it on YouTube

Requeue evergreen content

Credits: CoSchedule

At its core, CoSchedule allows you to create and schedule your social messages, yet as you go along you can also add your best messages to ReQueue to repurpose them.

The reason I constantly come back to the platform is that I personally LOVE their ReQueue feature. Based on the tips above, ReQueue can be the perfect way to repurpose timeless content.

You’re going to have to find and highlight any content we consider timeless and that can be reshared multiple times. It does require you to get a bit more sorting and sifting through your content, however, if you start creating a content backlog (that can be podcast audio snippets, podcast quotes, how-to short videos, and obviously pieces of writing) your schedule will always effortlessly run itself.

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The easiest way to add evergreen content to your overall mix is to create ReQueue groups based on those for specific days of the week.

As a simple split, you can have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday promoting new fresh pieces and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday promoting one old piece. This is a 50/50 split. If you do have a big catalog of old evergreen content, your split may be more 40 fresh content, 60 evergreen content.

Based on the messages and the frequency, ReQueue will automatically fill your social schedule. Genuinely, this feature has saved countless hours to both myself and some of my clients.

As you start using the ReQueue feature, you’ll easily schedule a month’s worth of social messages scheduled in seconds. Messages will start sending automatically (at the best times for your audience) and gaps filled in your social schedule so you always stay timely and relevant.

The key to effective repurposing is time-boxing or setting aside specific “slots” in your weekly schedule for the completion of particular tasks.

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