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5 Expert Tips on Conscious Community Growth

5 Expert Tips on Conscious Community Growth

Gone are the days where Business Coaches are selling you their “get rich quick” fixes or courses that teach you how to make £10K in a month (well actually, they’re not gone, but they’re being offered less and less, which we love). Now we see a new trend emerging, towards something much more sustainable, ethical and real-human-entrepreneur-friendly… I like to call it “Conscious Community Growth”.

But what does that even mean? As a Social Media Expert I was very used to using the word “audience”.

“Grow your audience” this and “build an audience” that, but what I realised was that being an entrepreneur, being a business owner, isn’t about you sitting on a stage with a microphone and not letting anyone else have a say.

Oh no, being an entrepreneur is about listening. About understanding your clients and what they are going through, and where they want to go. And you can’t do that if you’re up there with those hot stage lights shining so brightly in your eyes that you can’t see who’s sitting in front of you.

Cue community.

That glorious word that, for me means equality, equity, a level playing field and benefit for all, and I don’t know about you but that is 100% the kind of world I want to live in. So how can I possibly build a conscious, engaged and loyal community that actually wants to buy what I have to offer I hear you ask? Lucky you, as I’ve outlined below what I’ve dubbed the “5 Cs” of Conscious Community Growth:

1. Clarity

You can have the best business plan in the world but if you are not clear on who you are here to help, what you are here to offer, and WHY you want to make any of this happen in the first place, you’re never going to make it out of the proverbial gates.

Spend time clarifying your niche, your sub-niche, who your ideal clients and customers are and why they are going to come to you specifically for this offer. A reminder of the people whose lives you’re going to change by creating your community and selling your services is always a good motivator for a dark day.

2. Content

In the business world, content marketing is (in my opinion) king when it comes to attracting warm leads and clients. Whether it’s on Instagram, FB, Youtube, a blog or even a podcast, get clear on the content you are putting out there. And make sure that above all else it speaks directly to your ideal clients’ needs and wants, that’s the key, think like your ideal client when you create your content, ask yourself “what do they need to read/watch/see that’s going to make a difference”?

3. Consistency

One thing I wish all entrepreneurs knew was that it just takes time to see success. It really does. In a world where everything is available at the click of a button we assume business works the same way, and it doesn’t. So commit, be in it for the long haul, and show up daily on your chosen platform so that your community are seeing you show up, and want to show up with you. For example if you choose to build a FB group, stick to it, and don’t expect the numbers to boom overnight.

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4. Confidence

Back to my stage/mic/bright lights analogy. Now, whilst being a community leader does mean you have to be prepared to pass the mic, you must be willing to introduce people onto the stage. You have to be rooted in the confidence that you can lead the pack. You can hold space for these humans. You can be there for them. Being a leader of a community requires confidence and compassion, for yourself and others, so do what you need to do on a daily basis to keep that confidence muscle strong.

5. Community

It wouldn’t seem right to not include community in the 5 Cs now would it? When it comes down to it, community is what it is all about. Be innovative in the way you hold space. Instagram is amazing but it doesn’t hold a lot of space for groups of people coming together, neither does your website, so look to other spaces to house your community and continually remind them that you want to hear from them, that they are important and they matter. Because at the end of it all, that’s what business is about, helping people.

I know rolling this up into a neat little package makes it look easy and simple, but it really isn’t. Take your time. Mute, unfollow or block anyone on the internet or in real life who isn’t positively contributing to your growth as an entrepreneur and don’t forget to be kind and loving to yourself along the way!

In the past 2 years Hannah has worked with over 100 womxn on their own conscious community growth, particularly when it comes to social media, marketing and also building a mindset that says, actually, you DO deserve to be successful, and help people along the way.

Find out more about Hannah Rose Cluley (she/her), the Business & Empowerment Coach for Womxn Entrepreneurs and community growth  on her social media and her website or get in touch via email.

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