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10 spot-on book recommendations for the bookworms in your life

10 spot-on book recommendations for the bookworms in your life

The festive season is officially upon us and it’s time to nail that perfect gift. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of great gift ideas available for the conscious crowd, including books.

To save you from scouting endless bookshelves, we collated our favourite picks from the past year. We love bookshop.org as it supports local bookshops while stocking up some of your favourite independent authors. Secret Santa is sorted. You are welcome.

Shelf-help with a twist

You Did What?

In this ultimate page-turner, there are parenting confessions, sex confessions, workplace confessions, revenge confessions … not forgetting the all-important bodily fluids confessions! These confessions have all been curated by bestselling author and digital creator Tova Leigh, who explains just why we should stop being ashamed of our secrets, and instead have the courage to make ourselves vulnerable, speak out and connect.

The Accidental Influencer: How My Need to Get Likes Nearly Ruined My Life

Funny, frank and fearless, The Accidental Influencer is a relatable story of the precarious balancing act between our online and offline selves – and the truth behind the staged shots, spon-con, and the coveted but ever-elusive blue tick.

Adulthood Is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection


The book is a collection of horrors and awkwardnesses of young modern life. Sarah’s frankness on personal issues like body image, self-consciousness, introversion, relationships, and the frequency of bra-washing makes her comics highly relatable and deeply hilarious.

Multi-hyphen careers and remote working have now become the norm in working culture. Does “flexible working” mean “always working”? What does work-life balance actually look like? Fab Giovanetti’s second book offers practical steps to managing remote and flexible work coexisting in the same space as life.

Foodie favourites

The Witch’s Feast: A Kitchen Grimoire

This decadent collection of enchanting dishes is an indispensable companion to kitchen witchcraft, revealing the storied history and seductive art of magical cooking.

Celebrate: Plant-Based Recipes for Every Occasion

The perfect cookbook for every celebration and occasion. Each occasion has dish pairing suggestions for a completely stress-free experience. Gluten-free, free-from and seasonal alternatives are provided for each recipe, so nobody is excluded.

Afro Vegan

See Also

A vegan cookbook that draws its breath from the explosive colours, contrasts, cultures and flavours of West Africa. Inspired by Zoe’s British-Nigerian heritage, these eclectic fusion recipes give a playful, contemporary twist to the joy-infused food of her childhood.

Positive habit builders

Time to Talk

Award-winning podcaster Alex Holmes sets out to accelerate this shift, debunking lingering myths around masculinity, love and connection by exploring what causes this sense of loneliness.

Train Happy Journal

In The Train Happy Journal, Tally builds upon the core principles of intuitive movement from self-care, body acceptance and body positivity to intuitive eating with interactive exercises and journal prompts to help readers reflect upon their relationship with fitness, think about how it has been influenced by Diet Culture and ultimately get them feeling good about moving their body.

The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career

Packed with insights about the changing shape of work and inspiration from highly successful people, this book will fuel your growth and help you be happier, and ultimately more successful in your career.

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