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Change Your Space with the Magic of Crystals

Change Your Space with the Magic of Crystals

With many of us choosing to have a staycation at home this year, it has never been more important to create a sacred positive space using the magic of crystals.  The reason we love to go away is to give ourselves a change of space so we come back feeling refreshed, but when this isn’t possible we have to get creative about how to up level the energy of the space.

This where the magic of crystals can be really helpful in changing the energy of the space that you’re living in and uplifting it.

What are crystals?

Crystals are stones grown in various layers of the earth, some are mined and some retrieved naturally from all over the world. Depending on where they are grown on the earth depends on how hard they are. They gain their colour when spectrums of light pass through the stone. 

We then often polish them and shape them into various shapes. 


What do crystals do?

It’s believed different crystals have different properties so we use them for different things: from attracting love, protection, abundance or helping to create calm. It’s said that the crystal you’re attracted to will be the one that you need, but you also may  be drawn to seek a certain one to help with a certain situation. 

What’s important is to use your intuition with crystals and to listen to what they are saying to you. Allow yourself to be guided when choosing crystals and experiment with placing the crystals around your space and see what works for you. There will be times when you feel guided to change this too… it’s key to listen to your intuition with this.

When you get your crystals I suggest using some sage, palo santo or aura spray to cleanse them, sound bowls also work too. Then set an intention with the crystals about  how you want them to interact in the space with you. 

I find an aura spray is a great way to regularly uplift and clear the space so I suggest doing this on a regular basis.  If you’re choosing a staycation this year, I hope these suggestions are helpful to bring some positive, uplifting, fresh and calm energy into your space.  


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Remember in life it’s the small changes that count as much as the big ones to really make a difference to us.


So allow yourself to select some crystals to place around your house to boost the space. 

Which crystals are right for you?


  • Raw rose quartz on a bedside table and also in my lounge invites the energy of unconditional love.
  • I have citrine on my coffee table to bring abundant sunshine into the room. Inviting this uplifting crystal into the space is something I love to do. 
  • I sleep with black tourmaline for protection and amethyst for sleep.
  • Amazonite by technology, my tv and wifi box helps to reduce EMFs which I know some people feel affected by.
  • I have turquoise near my dining table to promote good communication. 
  • I use smokey quartz for grounding; inviting a grounding energy into your space a positive thing to do. 
  • Using clear quartz points around a property clears the energy.

Take time to think what energy you need to balance and what space you’d like to create before inviting the magic of crystals into your home. You can find this piece originally in August’s Digital Magazine along with other inspiring staycation tips.

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