Case Studies & Interviews

The Power of Community with Mikaela Loach

We have an exclusive interview with Mikaela Loach and discuss her mission to make the climate crisis community more inclusive and diverse.

Shop Like You Give a Damn with Stephan Stegeman

We speak to vegan marketplace Co-Founder and CEO, Stephan Stegeman about how he validated his idea and he shares top tips for new founders.

Inside the Closet of Amma Aburam

We talk to Amma Aburam, the creator and passionate fashion-lover of Style and Sustain about the future of eco-fashion, greenwashing & more.

Growing Through Mistakes with Destiny Joelivia

We talk about life, learning lessons and growing through mistakes with Creative Impact member Destiny Joelivia.

3 Types of Financial Goals to Keep You Focused

Our favourite money mindset and coach reveals a few tricks to set long and short-term financial goals and how to stick to them.

Alice Liveing on Building Your New Destination For Fitness

We have an exclusive interview with Alice Liveing and learn all about her brand new app Give Me Strength to empower us every day.

Be your Own Guru with the Energy Coach India Majury

Meet our member India Majury, also known as The Energy Coach, on a mission to inspire people to be themselves.

How to Grow Your Business with Gratitude

Lily Samii, founder of the Gratitude List journals teaches us the 4 steps to increase your chances of success.

How to Host Online Events with Chelsea Cox

Can online events be as engaging and well-received as real-life ones? We talk to Chelsea Cox, a business strategist, about the benefits.