Case Studies & Interviews

How to Balance Life Well with Emily O’Neill

Balance Life Well is where Emily O’Neill, community member, supports and encourages others to improve their mental health – we find out more.

Creating Your Identity in the Online World with Tracey Follows

Professional futurist Tracey Follows discusses how our personal freedoms and potential identity in the online world will be transformed.

Empowering Women Through Their Plates with Sonal Ambasna

Nourish Food For Life encourages and supports women to take charge of their plates and wellbeing by Sonal Ambasna – we find out more.

How to use a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business

Grace, founder of Eden Assistants, reveals how a virtual assistant is the best way to scale and grow your business dreams.

Healing Your Relationships with Camilla Sacre-Dallerup

From Strictly Come Dancing to Holistic Wellness Coach, Camilla Sacre-Dallerup shares how to heal relationships with yourself and others.

Bringing Men Together Through Yoga

From MTV Australia to men’s yoga, we have an exclusive piece with Caleb Packham, co-founder of Wellness Warrior, about his journey into yoga.

An Ode to Heritage Through Food with Afro Vegan

We speak to Zoe Alakija, the British-Nigerian cookery writer and art director, and author of the brand new cookbook Afro Vegan.

Creating Animal-Free Circular Fashion with Jenah St.

Jena Bautmans is the founder of Jenah St. a fashion brand making significant steps towards an animal-free and circular fashion sector.

The Business of Plants with Plant Academy

Lauren Lovatt, the founder of the Plant Academy discusses plant-based businesses today and how they are adapting post-lockdown.