Case Studies & Interviews

How to Cook Sushi Rice – Shiso Delicious Style

Sara shares her simplified version of making sushi vinegared rice to celebrate International Sushi Day.

How to Make the Perfect Sushi Bento Box with Shiso Delicious

Today marks International Sushi Day and to celebrate, we’ve been chatting to queen of bento boxes Sara Kiyo Popowa a.k.a Shiso Delicious to discover what ‘sushi’ actually means!

A day in the life of a Nutritional Therapist with Jodie Brandman

Curious to know more about what a Nutritional Therapist day’s consists of? We interviewed Jodie Brandman on what her 9-5 looks like, including the all important lunch…. 

The anxiety solution, as told by Chloe Brotheridge

Toni from Shelf Help dives into her May Book of the Month : The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, A Calmer You by Chloe Brotheridge. Here’s why you should get your hands on a copy, and meet the author at HBC Summit too…

Start your own podcast series with Dr Rupy Aujla

Ahead of the HBC Summit we asked Rupy some questions about how he started his podcast series and what tips he might have if you’re thinking about creating your own ‘pod.’

My Skincare Routine: Dr Anjali Mahto from the Skincare Bible

We caught up with Dr. Anjali Mahto to learn more about her skincare routine and favourite products.

The rise of workleisure and bleisure

Do you ‘work hard, play hard’? Do you travel for business? Do you simply want to know what “workleisure” and “bleisure” actually mean?

Judgement and validation with Gabby Bernstein

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through your social media 24/7? If so, you’re one…

Turn your love for porridge into a business

Laura Thompson, founder of Blondilox, tells us how a total burn-out turned into the beginning of an incredible new business venture.