Case Studies & Interviews

Living with Chronic Illness

To help increase awareness of the many people living with a chronic or invisible illness all around the world, we interviewed chronic illness blogger, Natasha Lipman. Natasha shares with us how her illness affects her on a daily basis and in the workplace, as well as her views on wellness bloggers who give advice on chronic illness.

Global Yoga: an Interview with Patrick Beach

With almost 300k followers on Instagram, Patrick Beach is THE Yoga guy. Patrick teaches vigorous and fluid vinyasa yoga that builds strength, creates flexibility and inspires play. We caught up with Patrick to get the low down on how he shares yoga on a global scale.

Anita Goa on Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

Let us introduce you to our speaker Anita Goa, who will be down for our October Meetup & Network event on the 18th October. Anita is a Norwegian New Yorker living in London. With a very rich background of experience in Fitness and Yoga, she launched her YouTube Channel, Anita Goa TV (with 16,000 subscribers and counting).

Today she shares her top tips on blogging with us.