Judgement and validation with Gabby Bernstein

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through your social media 24/7? If so, you’re one…

Turn your love for porridge into a business

Laura Thompson, founder of Blondilox, tells us how a total burn-out turned into the beginning of an incredible new business venture.

Hannah Rose Cluley on social media, self-esteem and recovery

We had a chat with Hannah Rose Cluley ahead of our London networking event. We talked balance, recovery, self-esteem and the power of social media.

Introduction to Bento with Shiso Delicious

Shiso Delicious is the project of blogger Sara and her journey as a performance and visual artist, a graphic designer for the health food industry and as a member of several food or art-centred communities.

How to Meal Prep Like a Boss using Instagram Inspiration

Some days call for a grab and go snack, a perfectly prepped lunch and a breakfast you can eat at your desk.
However, meal prepping is IN right now, so have a read of our top tips that’ll be sure to get you prepping like a boss.

Evidence-based Nutrition & Social Media with Rhiannon Lambert

“Much of the press obtain nutritional comment from celebrities and unqualified lifestyle bloggers who often wrongly advocate a type of food” – Registered Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert shares how to avoid following misinformed nutritional advice online.

Colourful Food Experiments with Avant-Garde Vegan

Meet 24 year old trained chef Gaz Oakley – AKA Avant-Garde Vegan. After months of friends’ & family’s encouragement, Gaz started a vegan food page on Instagram and has been overwhelmed with the response, feedback and following he has gained since.

How to Build Emotional Strength Through Yoga

Yoga is not just a practice for building flexibility and strength. It is also a tool to help you build emotional strength and resilience.

How Youtube Helped My Fitness Career with Carly Rowena

Carly is a fitness blogger, personal trainer and all round Youtube sensation. With over 92k followers on Instagram alone, she motivates a community of young women to workout and feel confident through her fitness videos.