Case Studies & Interviews

The Healing Power of Mushrooms with Ayelen Martinez

Ayelen Martinez is the mushroom lover founder of Myshrooms, and tells us about how she turned her passion into a business.

Changing The Face of Women’s Fitness With Kate Rowe-Ham

We have an exclusive interview with Kate Rowe-Ham about supporting her community and putting women with menopause on the fitness map.

How to build a healthy brain with Kimberley Wilson

We speak to multi-passionate chartered psychologist, Kimberley Wilson, about her Whole Body Mental Health and how to build a strong mind.

Sex Positivity and Pleasure with Ruby Rare

Everything you didn’t learn about Sex Ed in school, Ruby Rare and her new book talk about sex, pleasure and all the messy bits.

Psychologist Corner with Joanna Konstantopoulou

We introduce our resident expert and health psychologist and Joanna Konstantopoulou to the magazine to help with our biggest queries.

A day in the life of Healthy Twists

We have a behind the scenes insight into the day-to-day life of porridge and Instagram queens, Claire and Sarah aka Healthy Twists.

Promoting diversity and inclusion in wellness with Ellie Jade

We talk to Ellie Jade, founder and creator of the This is Wellbeing campaign to promote diversity and inclusion within wellness.

How to Champion Sustainability and Community on Social Media with Jess Rigg

We chat to award-winning sustainability champion Jess Rigg about how she uses her social media platform to champion greener living.

Lottie Drynan from Tummy Diaries Shares Her Top Tips for Cultivating Self-Love

Exclusive interview with Lottie Drynan of The Tummy Diaries all about how to cultivate self-love, body confidence and more.