Case Studies & Interviews

Building a Plant-based Community with The Vurger Co

From concept to creation, learn all about The Vurger Co and their story to plant-based burger and community success.

How Stacey Sargison Uses Livestreams to Show up Online

Stacey Sargison is not your average business coach and her livestreams have been viewed by thousands – she’s on a mission to help others find connection online and realise their business potential.

Travel creatively, curiously and mindfully with Aubrey Daquinag

Aubrey Daquinag is a globe-wandering photographer, wellness travel and lifestyle blogger and she shares her tips for creative, mindful travel.

Low Waste Living Family Life with Mamalina

Learn the story behind Mamalina, the famous blog and Instagram account about low waste living by Emma Ross. Discussing sustainability and more.

Vegan at Tiffs: Behind the Content

We delve behind the scenes with Vegan at Tiffs, the plant-based food blogger who loves dining out and shares her top tips for each post.

Low waste tips with Sara Kiyo Popowa from Shiso Delicious

Get inspired in your low waste journey with Sara Kiyo Popowa from Shiso Delicious to inspire you in your sustainable journey.

How to adapt to keep your business dreams alive

Rosaria Baretto aka The Vitality Coach, shares her first-hand experience as a business owner and the ways she has learnt to adapt her business for success.

From Office Bake Off to The Big Bakes

Take two keen bakers, one office bake-off and you get Eloise and Adam’s The Big Bakes – the baking entrepreneurs organising bakes in London and Birmingham.

Behind the Content: How to Find Balance with Lauren Leyva

What goes on beyond the world of social media as a content creator? Lauren Leyva of The Starving Student reveals all and shares top tips to find balance.