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Introduction to Reiki and Practice

Learn the basics about Reiki and healing from an expert including how and how Reiki can help and what to look out for in a good healer.

The Hidden Role of Recovery in Fitness & Work

Today’s society is all go-go-go but we explore the fundamental role of rest and recovery within the workplace and fitness to boost your productivity.

We reveal your top podcasts of 2019

From food to fitness, health and business, we reveal which podcast you are listening to in 2019 and why you love them so much.

The science of sleep: why it’s important and how to get more of it

Do you suffer from a poor nights sleep? We explore the science of sleep and how you can improve your sleep quality with daily habits.

Five surprising ways you can use CBD in your home

Nia Davies of Yugenial CBD products shares with us some top CBD uses for around the home from bathtime to looking after your pet.

The 5 most frequently asked CBD questions, answered by an industry insider

Nia Davies, founder of Yugenials CBD oil answers your top 5 FAQs about CBD oil and explains the different between the different types.

How To De-Clutter Your Mind And Become A More Productive Writer

Feel empowered and learn how to de-clutter your mind and become a more productive writer with top tips from Kristin Savage.

The Science of Stress and How Exercise Can Help

April is Stress Awareness Month. We asked our resident Personal Trainer and workplace wellness guru Chris Pinner to talk to us on the HBC Magazine about the role fitness can play in helping combat stress. Enjoy…

experts reveal top tips to living well and you won’t believe how simple they are

We are excited to announce our partnership with Live Well London, a 3-day celebration of wellness, nutrition, emotional and physical wellbeing. They asked its health and wellness experts what their top tips were for living well on a daily basis – and they’re all within your reach.