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How to Dial into Your ‘Blue Heritage’ with Easkey Britton

Dr Easkey Britton, life-long surfer with a PhD in Environment and Society talks about our blue heritage and the power of the sea.

How to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

Some people will uplift you and some will act like energy vampires and drain you, here’s how to protect your energy, with Hannah Wallace.

Ask the psychologist: can nature improve my mental health?

This month in Joanna’s Psychologists corner, we explore the link between nature and improve mental health for mental health awareness week.

How Stress Impacts Exercise and Our Performance

Hollie Murray, Sport and Exercise Therapy Student and Personal Trainer discusses the pros and cons of stress within exercise.

How to Reduce Stress on your Gut Health

Do you know that stress has a huge impact on the gut? There are a few simple things we can do to ease stress and the pressure on our bodies.

Spring Equinox Wellness Practices

The Spring Equinox is coming and wellbeing expert, Hannah Wallace, shares her advice to harness its energy and power.

Why We Are Obsessed with Personality Types

What does your personality type say about you? Is the latest test just an internet phenomenon or is there truth behind it all?

What Blue Monday Can Teach Us About Wellbeing

Here to discuss out winter psychological wellbeing, our wellbeing columnist reveals what Blue Monday can teach us about our own wellbeing.

What You Can Expect From a Cacao Ceremony

If you are new to the popular cacao ceremony, Ceren Tosun, introduces us to the history and the health benefits of this ritual.