Living with Chronic Illness

To help increase awareness of the many people living with a chronic or invisible illness all around the world, we interviewed chronic illness blogger, Natasha Lipman. Natasha shares with us how her illness affects her on a daily basis and in the workplace, as well as her views on wellness bloggers who give advice on chronic illness.

Launching a Free Magazine in London with Sophie Scott from Balance Magazine

We caught up with editor of Balance Media, Sophie Scott to get the low down on what it’s like to publish London’s first free wellness magazine.

Embracing Your Skin with Yulianna Yussef

Yulianna Yusseff is the body positive Insta-girl behind the #bareyourbirthmark movement. We caught up with Yulianna to find out more about how she is using Instagram to spread a message self-love, acceptance and body confidence amongst girls and women.

What Does ‘Embracing Your Body’ Really Mean?

How do you truly embrace your body image? Everyone is different. Different sizes, different backgrounds, different goals, different lifestyles. It’s hard for people to truly embrace their bodies when all we know is how to judge them.

What is Lyme Disease?

What is Lyme Disease? And what can you do to prevent it? Sophia from Spoonie Sophia shares with us her best tips and advice for dealing with it, and also what you can do to help spread awareness.