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Irish Guinness Stew with The Food Medic

Following on from our interview with Hazel Wallace aka The Food Medic, we’re giving you a little sneak preview of one of the fabulous recipes you’ll find in her forthcoming book Food Medic For Life.

The Future of Supplementation with VITL

In this article we are catching up with VITL Health, leaders in supplementation in the UK, to talk about the future of the industry, working with instagrammers and much more.

Microbiome Myths and How to Help Your Digestion

Gut health is like so on trend right now, with everyone trying to get their kefir fix. But like all good trends, thereā€™s a bunch of conflicting information, confusing theories, and some straight up whack sh*t. Laura Thomas thought it was time we cleared some stuff up.

How to Ease Bloating and Discomfort with Alflorex

If you came to the January HBCxMeet, you will have met the team behind Alflorex: the only food supplement range in Europe with PrecisionBioticsĀ® technology. Find out how Alflorex may be able to improve your digestive health.