Founders & Brands

How to adapt to keep your business dreams alive

Rosaria Baretto aka The Vitality Coach, shares her first-hand experience as a business owner and the ways she has learnt to adapt her business for success.

From Office Bake Off to The Big Bakes

Take two keen bakers, one office bake-off and you get Eloise and Adam’s The Big Bakes – the baking entrepreneurs organising bakes in London and Birmingham.

Upping your Photography Game with Club Backdrops

Cub Backdrops create professional portable backdrops for food photography, product photography and more… here’s how they can up your game!

Brazilian Sportswear for Real Women with Sara Da Silva

The search for high quality, attractive activewear for real women and their bodies led to Sara Da Silva creating her first line, read all about her story.

Practising Self-Love with the Anti Diet Riot Club

We smash diet taboos with Harri and Becky from the Anti Diet Riot Club and learn how they are empowering women, non-binary and femmes.

Self-Love Rituals & The Dirty Truth with UpCircle

Co-founder, Anna Brightman shares her story of changing the face of the beauty industry, transforming coffee grounds into UpCircle skincare products.

The Truth Behind Steph Elswood’s Brand Sasstainable

An exclusive interview with Steph Elswood and lessons on running and launching her sustainable products company, Sasstainable.

Changing the narrative around Vegan Supplements with Form Nutrition

Co-founder of Form Nutrition and wellness entrepreneur, Natalia, talks so us about starting Form and changing the narrative around vegan supplements.

Vevolution: the Vegan Revolution

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a vegan festival? We chat to Vevolution founders Damien and Judy about their passion and story.