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Tailwind: the Pinterest and Instagram scheduling and analytics tool that will change how you use the social media platforms.

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Getting started with Instagram shoppable feeds

Last year, Instagram launched their shopping experience in the US, allowing business accounts to tag products in their organic posts. The feature is now also available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

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IGTV is looking to take other video platforms by storm – here’s our guide on how to optimise your efforts.

Step-By-Step guide on Conducting an Instagram Audit

Running an Instagram audit is something all account owners should do, from time to time. However, we realised that now more than ever, people need to assess the quality of their account. 

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LinkedIn Secrets: “Your profile isn’t a digital CV. It’s a landing page that’s geared towards your audience”

We discuss with Ben Bradbury how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile and harness your professional network