Carly Rowena launches three sets of Workout Cards

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Yesterday influencer and PT Carly Rowena launched her new sets of workout cards.

Carly Rowena’s new product includes three sets

  • Home Workout Cards: Bodyweight exercises, no equipment needed
  • Equipment Workout Cards: For extra intensity and resistance
  • Pregnancy Pack: Perfect for each trimester of your pregnancy

When talking about her workout cards, Carly suggests a need coming from her clients: “I know what it’s like to lead a busy lifestyle and so these workouts are determined by you, all you have to do is determine the amount of time you have available and pick the number of cards to suit your timeframe.”

Depending on the pack, you’ll get up to 61 individual exercises in this pack split into legs, abs, upper body and cardio as well as 10 set workouts at the back of the pack to give you a little inspiration – once you’ve got the hang of those you can go rogue and pick your own cards.

Credits: @carlyrowena

Each pack has a picture of the exercise and a description of how to perform the move on the back, as well as a guide on reps, sets and rest and even come with a selection of motivational quotes to keep you on the fitness wagon – as they smaller than a pack of playing cards this makes them perfect to take with you wherever you go.

Who is Carly Rowena? Read more about Carly and her journey here

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You can find three different sets including equipment, home workouts and pregnancy cards: “To use these cards correctly all you have to do is pick the correct cards for each trimester of your pregnancy, then think about your energy levels and amount of time available and pick cards to suit.”

You can find Carly Rowena’s workout cards via her online shop

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