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Dr. Megan Rossi launches new product range Bio&Me

Aussie-born Dr Megan Rossi is a registered dietitian, nutritionist and research fellow at Kings College London with a PhD in gut health – so she sure knows a lot about the science of the gut. However, this gut lover went one step forward by launching her very own brand, Bio&Me.

She’s well-known as a world-leading expert on gut health and even received a nutrition award from the one and only HRH Princess Anne. Partly because of all the scientific research she does on all things nutrition. Partly because of all the patients she helps at The Gut Health Clinic. Partly because of all the inside info she shares on social media to spread the gut love.

Credits: @bioandmeuk

Dr. Rossi recently announced the launch of her own product range, Bio&Me. They call themselves the UK’s first dedicated, evidence-based gut health food company, and with good reason.

Their first Instagram post shares a bit more about the origins of the company

Good gut health starts with your microbiome which is central to the trillions of microbes (including good bacteria) that live inside you. Your biome is totally unique to you, hence our name Bio&Me!

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Bio&Me was created to bring clarity and credibility to the world of gut health. They produced the only granola that is claimable as ‘good for your gut’ – they even have got approval from EFSA¬† (that’s the European Food Safety Authority, who thoroughly checks that health claims are based on scientific evidence).

You can find out more about Bio&Me on their website and on their Instagram at Bio&Me UK.

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