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The story behind Vegan Magazine the BRIGHT Zine

The story behind Vegan Magazine the BRIGHT Zine

Laura Callan
Veganism is the hot trend right now with food stalls, markets and new products launching daily but there is more to veganism than food, as BRIGHT Zine shows. The vegan lifestyle magazine promotes, celebrates and advocates all things vegan. We caught up with the founder, Laura Callan, about what it takes to start your own vegan business.
Laura Callan is the founder of BRIGHT Zine, a vegan lifestyle magazine and brand who recently launched their first shop, The BRIGHT Store and the UK’s first vegan members club, The BRIGHT Club. Laura trained in journalism and has worked in a variety of fields before finding her calling in running a vegan business. Laura talks regularly at events about veganism, sustainability and empowering women and is a strong believer in the power of DIY, creating networks and collaborating with your community.
You can find out more about BRIGHT Zine on their website and Instagram.

What advice would you give someone thinking of starting a business on their own?

Find your passions, whatever they are, and run with them. Think about what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about and what would actually drive you to work long days, every day. For me, I’ve always loved print media, and I’ve also been a vegan a long time with the first 5-6 years not having any community, so creating community is super important to me. Making BRIGHT was an absolute dream come true and something that just had to happen, and The BRIGHT Club is a natural extension of my passions, our growth and what the community needs.
Whatever your reason is, your inner fire, your ‘why’, just get out there and do it.

What was your eureka moment?

There have been a number of them along the way, but the initial one came out of frustration. I was watching a lot of vegan content and feminist content and all sorts on YouTube and found someone trying to debunk the links between feminism and veganism. It inspired me to study up, to interview experts in the field and essentially write an essay on the topic, but beyond publishing it onto a blog, what could I do with it?
I realised I needed to create something more, a space to put ideas in print to share with the community. And not just essays, but interviews with the amazing people I saw around me creating vegan businesses, bringing the community together and making big changes. To me, there was a gap, a missing space for this kind of content, and so BRIGHT Zine was created for just that.

How do you want people to feel when they use your products?

With the magazine, I want people to have an experience. I want them to put their phone down, to sit with the magazine, to feel the paper, to enjoy the way the layout looks and to read, to learn, to question. I want them to slow down and take a moment with us.
With our clothing and lifestyle products, I want people to feel empowered and proud to be vegan, to be living in alignment with their ethics. That’s why we created Vegan Queen, to playfully show pride in being vegan, when before it was looked at as something weird or out there.
We produced a video with the message Anyone Can Be A Vegan Queen, and that’s absolutely what we want people to know. Being vegan is easy, and you can be a vegan queen too.
Read more about BRIGHT Zine online.
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