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Travel creatively, curiously and mindfully with Aubrey Daquinag

Travel creatively, curiously and mindfully with Aubrey Daquinag

Aubrey Daquinag is a globe-wandering photographer, wellness travel and lifestyle blogger and content creator behind the love assembly, and best-selling published author of Wander Love, where she shared her lessons, tips and inspiration from a solo traveller:

I believe in making friends with the feeling of fear, and doing your thing — whatever your ‘thing’ is — anyway. I believe in progress over perfection and I believe we all have the power to design a lifestyle that we love.

Aubrey has most recently launched Wander Love Club, an online educational destination for heart-centred digital creators and creative entrepreneurs looking to learn how to make the world their office creating something that they love.

“Even if that office is just at home, for now” she admits. “It’s been so great to connect and share this knowledge with people who also value freedom and want to design a lifestyle they love.”

Aubrey also collated all of her lessons in a book called Wander Love, exploring some of her favourite destinations.

“There are the travel guides for six destinations around the world my heart has wandered to (with yours waiting to do the same), and a collection of the must-visit markets for treasure hunting around the world, plus a lesson in how to barter like a boss.”

She also gets deeper into the topic through travel philosophy: “As much as I do love creating beautiful travel photographs, the concept of travel to me is so much more than just that. I explore what it means to travel creatively, curiously and mindfully, and share life lessons from solo adventures by using this act as a form of self-development and personal growth”

It’s about achieving the ultimate feeling of empowerment and liberation. This is something I stand strong in believing that every woman should do, at least once in life.

As a keen traveller, Aubrey Daquinag already has a bucket list once lockdown restrictions have eased, including Bali, one of her all-time favourites. Until then, she is approaching a new local way of travelling and exploring her surroundings: “I have had companies approach me here in Australia, I’m just waiting until things feel a bit more stable and safe to go ahead with making plans – I’d love to do more trips locally!”

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Are you looking to join the movement and explore new destinations (even local ones) by yourself? Here are three top tips from Aubrey Daquinag.

Download Google Maps offline

By downloading Google maps offline you will be able to have access to the map and your location even without a wifi connection. So if you love to have a bit of a wander (which I highly suggest) you know that having maps downloaded offline will be there – and gives you peace of mind even if you don’t use it – just in case, you can’t quite remember the directions to get back.

Explore parts of the world but also parts of yourself

I’m a big advocate for using solo travel as a form of self-love; whether that’s a whirlwind multiple months-long trip, a week-long retreat, or a weekend staycation, it’s such a rewarding thing to be able to take time to heighten your sense self-awareness and learn more about yourself. These are elements that you’ll be able to take back to your everyday life, relationships, general well-being, and outlook on life.

Plan, but always leave room to wander

I’m a planner and do believe in planning before a trip but it’s so important to be open and flexible to change. Allow the true magic of travel to happen and be open and adaptable to change. It makes it so much more fun and exciting.


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