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Anita Goa on Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

Anita Goa on Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

“My experience spans from discovering yoga at age 12 and hosting my own aerobics courses at 13. I discovered yoga, (or probably yoga found me) in my 20s – at a point when I was physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted”

Anita Goa is a Norwegian New Yorker living in London. With a very rich background of experience in Fitness and Yoga, she launched her YouTube Channel: “The main topic of my channel AnitaGoaTV is yoga, and particularly Goa Flow, which is my take on Vinyasa Yoga. I also offer Yoga-inspired fitness as yoga is the foundation I move from fitness. I also talk about life philosophy. Everything about my is style is whole-istic. I can’t talk about the body without talking about the mind, the soul, and life.”

Yoga and Fitness are mutual companions to her and became The Goa System; using yoga as the foundation for fitness. It’s documented in her first published book ‘Your Best Body Ever’ (McGraw-Hill).

What’s the difference between health in NY and in London?

Health isn’t new in New York. New York has been a healthy place for a very long time, whilst it is fairly new in London. I think that is the main difference.  I find, because health is fairly new in London, people are very open-minded and intrigued: they are not jaded. They want to learn.

How did your YouTube channel influence your career, and which opportunities did arise from it?

YouTube became an integral part of my personal and career growth when I became a mother and realized I couldn’t be multiple places at the same time. It feels like my second home. The people who follow me are not my fans, they are Goa Flow-ers, like-minded people who visit me from all over the world. The connection is so beautiful. Being a presence on YouTube has helped me out on so many levels. For the most part it has given me so much confidence. I knew that what i did worked in New York, but now i know that people from all over the world like my style and that it is helping them in so many ways. I get to communicate with people from all over the world and i get to collaborate with so many creative like-minded peers. It’s amazing. I have only skimmed the surface so far: more is yet to come!

What’s the biggest misconception about YouTube nowadays?

Maybe that YouTube is just for teenagers. I never saw YouTube that way. I always saw it as an amazing platform to express myself and show the world what I’m about: a screen is a screen whether it’s a computer screen or a TV screen. The power to make a difference is incredible with YouTube.

Who’s your favourite YouTuber and why?

I have a few and they happen to all be British beauty bloggers and vloggers! They are Lily Pebbles, Caroline Hirons and Lisa Eldridge. Lily is very young, but she is so honest and I love how she shows you her process of everything she does. She is always growing and not afraid to try new things. I also love Caroline Hirons and Lisa Eldridge because they are in my age group. Both are so knowledgeable and are always putting themselves out there in different ways. Caroline is a blogger turned vlogger, and Lisa is a make-up artist turned blogger and vlogger. It goes to show that there are no limits. Only the limit you put on yourself.

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How did YouTube help you creating relationships?

Because I have a platform now it’s easier for me to approach bloggers or vloggers i admire for what they do and invite them to collaborate. We all have something to learn from each other, that is the beautiful thing. Vlogging is more natural to me. Blogging is not. And I have found that Bloggers find it challenging to vlog. In the end, we become friend and share ideas and learn from each other.

What’s the top tip you’d give fellow bloggers who want to start vlogging?

If you want to vlog then just get started. Choose and topic, turn on your camera, (if you don’t have a camera don’t wait, use your smartphone) and get started. You will learn as you do it. You don’t learn by waiting for the right moment to come. Know that you are at a huge advantage by already having an audience through your blog, and you are doing them a disservice by not vlogging. They want to hear from you, or let me re-phrase that: they want to hear from your voice, and not only your fingers!

What’s next for Anita

The moon or Luna has had a huge presence and impact in my life as well for the last 3-4 years. I am presently writing a Moon Phase Yoga Book to show how you can live and practice yoga around the phases of the moon. When you follow your intuition life will flow and you experience magical things wherever life takes you. And life takes you to the places you are supposed to go to when you follow your intuition.

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