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How to Tap Into Your Ancient Feminine Power

How to Tap Into Your Ancient Feminine Power

Tanishka is best known as ‘The Moon Woman’ with over half a million followers of her daily lunar guidance blog. She is a bestselling author of five books and has taught ancient women’s wisdom and practices for over 20 years. She is one of the pioneers of the global Red Tent movement & has trained women in 43 countries to facilitate Red Tent women’s gatherings via her online course.

A former stand-up comedienne, she has captivated audiences around the world by decoding the greatest mystery of all time, ‘The Holy Grail’ from the perspective of the sacred feminine. She also conducts numerous online courses, speaking tours, retreats, teacher trainings and sacred site pilgrimages. In 2015 she created ‘The 28 Day Happy Challenge’ a not-for-profit project to raise funds, awareness & support for women recovering from the trauma of human trafficking.

So what is your ancient feminine power?

Authentic feminine power comes from knowing ourselves thoroughly. However 99% of us didn’t receive the mentoring we really needed when we became women — when we started cycling physically with the moon indicating we had the power to create life. This lack of adequate initiation then results in disempowered feminine identity and expression, so we make disempowered choices and only learn through a process of painful mistakes.

Whereas our ancestors during the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods honoured the role of women as wisdom keepers — those who assisted the greater community to grow through teaching the wisdom of the cycles and facilitating practices to promote soul growth and maturity, such as sharing circles and rite of passage ceremonies. They understood that these teachings and practices were essential to ensure their communities were socially sustainable and ethically responsible.

So when we get access to this information, regardless of our age, it liberates our feminine expression and identity.

You can’t fully embrace your womanhood if you don’t understand it.

Authentic feminine power develops the more we have access to information that helps us honour our feminine expression and gifts…which is what I teach and what’s in my book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’. For example:

  • the effect the lunar phases have on our moods, energy levels, fertility, and patterns of behaviour.
  • the seven feminine aspects that map our psyche and how to empower each one of those aspects
  • how to create in accordance with natural laws, so we work smarter not harder
  • how to embrace times of change, chaos and confusion by attuning to your subtle senses such as intuition
  • how to recognise your fertility levels to avoid unwanted pregnancies
  • how to age gracefully by understanding the different stages we experience in our feminine life cycle and how to transition through each one.

You can tap into the greatness of this power simply by accessing this ancient feminine wisdom! All change starts with a single thought. So when we receive insight it’s like a light bulb illuminating our self-awareness, which immediately influences how we see ourselves and our choices.

It’s important to reconnect with this feminine power on both a personal and global level.

On a personal level, it means instead of being a captive prisoner to a distorted view of our feminine sense of selfhood, we make peace with ourselves and befriend our womanhood from the inside out. This shift improves every aspect of our lives and gives us access to our true potential and power.

On a global level, the distortion of the feminine is at the root of our social dysfunction, environmental crises and corruption of power, so the more we as a collective, empowering our feminine traits and sensibilities, the quicker our culture will become balanced and sustainable. Healing the feminine is not just for women, it’s necessary for men as well but women are definitely leading that trend at present.

So how are ancient practices of feminine power relevant to the modern woman?

We are all governed by the natural cycles, such as the daily solar cycle, the monthly lunar cycle, the seasonal cycle, the planetary cycles and the cycles of the cosmic ages. They influence us whether we are aware of them or not. The more we understand and align with the ebb and flow of waxing and waning energy and acknowledge the lessons they evoke, the less we struggle in our daily lives and the more aware and empowered we become. The ancient practices of the sacred feminine tradition help us live in alignment with the natural cycles and harness their strengths so we don’t feel like a salmon constantly swimming upstream. They provide social structures for us to grow and fulfil our ultimate potential.

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There are so many ways these practices can help to alleviate stress and imbalance.

One example would be the practice of the Red Tent. This is a women’s sharing circle where everyone takes it in turn to speak whatever lesson they’ve been dealing with that month. Simply by being witnessed and encouraged to connect with our deepest truth we transform pain into insight with the support of sisterhood.

These gatherings are held during the moon’s darkest phase so we have a circle of support at the time of the month when we’re most likely to comfort eat, feel reactive, anxious, depressed or doubt ourselves. I can’t imagine life without my Red Tent sisters and it’s the level of support I wish for every woman on the planet… which is why I train women to facilitate them!

By having a safe space to confront our deepest fears, shame and vulnerabilities, we minimise all the toxic behaviours I spoke about in this article on toxicity. We’re healing the root cause through the power of community while giving our inner child what she needs most… to be truly seen and heard for who she is, so our primal need to belong and be accepted for who we are is met.

Tanishka’s latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ is due for worldwide release with Hay House June 6, 2017 in conjunction with her ‘Goddess Wisdom’ online course. To find out more about ‘Goddess Wisdom’ go to: http://themoonwoman.com/goddess-wisdom/

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