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5 Signs That You Are About to Experience Transformation

5 Signs That You Are About to Experience Transformation

Shanna Lee

Do you ever feel like your life is about to take a turn? Are you on the verge of transformation? Does your life feel like a hot mess right now? Shanna Lee guides us through the 5 key moments that signal life transformation.

The alarm goes off.  You wake up only to remember that just about everything went wrong yesterday and you crawl back under your sheets.  What’s the point?  Why should I come out? Then, you remember life is happening whether you hide from it or not.  But, let’s go a step further.

Could that big fight with your boss, the fear of losing your job, the mounting bills and the car problems be a sign that life is about to take a turn for the better?

Sometimes, those seemingly awful moments are the beginning of the most beautiful transformations.  Life seems to hand us the uncomfortable to move us forward.  There is wisdom to be gained in the process that unfolds after feeling like a hot mess. The precursor to transformation may range from “today sucked” to “my whole world is crashing down around me” and anywhere in between.

But stop for a moment to witness the bigger picture.  What is really happening when our life feels as though it is unravelling? In nature, a seed must be destroyed for a plant to sprout.  A plant must then travel through the darkness of the soil searching for the light of day and the nourishment of the sun.  There are no shortcuts to growth in nature or within us.  Growth reconfigures form and matter. It is intricately and divinely planned, beautifully orchestrated and profoundly beneficial.

5 Signs That You Are About to Experience Transformation

1. Superficial connection is becoming less fulfilling

You are becoming less interested in small talk and loud events. It feels like nails on a chalkboard to be around anyone that feels inauthentic. You find yourself opting for a night out with friends sipping tea at the local café after a Kundalini yoga class rather than going out for cocktails.

2. You are becoming more open-minded

You find yourself Googling around about life’s unanswered questions, finding your purpose, healing methods, and you are consuming new books at a fast clip. There are a deep desire and inner hunger for new information.

3. You’ve recently experienced something that rattled you to your core

You are convinced your life is falling apart or you have experienced a shattering of your current reality.  A major event such as a death in the family, a breakup, losing your job, the loss of a friendship or another major event has rocked your world.

4. You are seeking a greater sense of freedom

Are you are feeling constricted by tight schedules, city life, or other people’s demands?  You desire more autonomy and a break from the hustle and bustle of life.  You may even desire to be amongst the trees, or perhaps to sit on a hilltop, or even travel the country in an RV.

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5. Your life no longer fits like a glove

When you look around your life, nothing seems to fit who you are today. You desire something different, but may not be sure what that entails, and you may be experiencing a certain level of fear or anxiety about it.

In my own personal journey, there are many times I have felt like a hot mess, and believe me, at the time, no one could have convinced me otherwise.

But I have come to love the moments of unravelling. I now fully understand and embrace reconfiguration, and each time I enter that phase, I have full faith and trust that eventually I will pop my head out of the soil and there will be sunshine.

Take a look at Shanna Lee’s work online at The Soul Frequency and read more about personal transformation on our previous articles.

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