How To Become More Effective Working From Home

Becky Stanton

Do you work from home? Are you thinking about where to start when it comes to beeing more effective and productive? We share 5 easy tips from expert Becky Stanton about working from home. Maximise your time, avoid distractions and become a healthy, happy homeworker. Want some more business and productivity tips? Take a look at these.

Becky Stanton is an organiser who specialises in personal and home energy. She helps entrepreneurs create their ‘work sanctuary’ at home so they can have a more purposeful and intentional space to focus on their business success, and a create a space which they will adore working in every day.

No more distractions and procrastination while they create their dream business from their home!

Becky has a passion for success habits, organization, interior design and spirituality.  Follow her on Instagram @beckystanton_homeorganiser for daily tips and tricks to create your very own sanctuary to create your best work. You can also check out her website for more information.

Working from home is a blessing… and equally, it can be a challenge.

When I was in my corporate job on the 9-5 wheel with a London commute to work, I would often dream about having the opportunity to work from the comfort of my own home.

In my dreams, there were so many beautiful perks – no commute, no office politics, no dress code, no forced relationships with colleagues, no Monday Blues.  Just pure bliss and calm… and an opportunity to spend all day with my pets.

Although many of those perks became my reality, I was also introduced to a whole tirade of disruptive challenges that came along with my choice of working from home.

Access to unlimited ‘background’ TV, constant cleaning opportunities, YouTube motivational videos, demanding pets, deliveries arriving (yours and your neighbours!), midday baths, afternoon naps, closet re-organisation, and so many more.

Procrastination became a BIG issue for me as it was so easy to find something else to do when I needed to do something big and scary… which is very often when you are starting your own business for the first time!

Over time, I realised that I had to harness my personal thoughts, behaviours and actions and align it with my environment for focus, momentum and inspiration to flow… and override these working from home distractions.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you overcome your working from home distractions…

  1. Protect Your Morning

Without a transition into the ‘outside world’, it’s key to create a positive structure to your morning.

Create a sacred morning routine that energises you and inspires you for a successful day ahead. Trial different activities and see which ones motivate you the most to start your day free from home distractions!

It could be exercise, meditation, yoga practice, reading, inspiring videos or podcasts, healthy breakfast, walk in nature, journaling. Or a mixture of many of these combined.

Whatever you choose, be digitally disconnected during this time. Do not check your phone, social media or emails until your morning routine has completed.

This is the most precious time of the day and this will allow you to not be distracted by other people’s messages and agendas. Stay focused on you and your day.

Use your environment to support your morning routine. Create a joyful place within your home that you will complete the routine and prepare the night before.

  1. Connect with your Dream Life

Know your life goals and connect with them daily. Don’t ‘go with the flow’ and ‘see what happens’. Be intentional with your future.

Become clear on what your purpose and life mission is. Break this down into goals – from 10 years to monthly to daily. Each daily goal then connects back to your big intentions.

To stay aligned with your goals, you must feel connected to them.  This will ensure that your daily behaviours, actions and mind-set are supportive of your bigger dream.

Every morning, read through your big life goals, close your eyes, and imagine yourself living that dream.  Feel the emotions and connect with the experience you’re working towards.

Any plans (or procrastination tasks) that do not align with your dream can be dismissed or forgotten. This will ensure your day is focused, intentional and effective!

As you move away from being constantly distracted, practice this repeatedly throughout your day.  You can set alarm reminders every few hours to encourage you to re-connect and focus.

  1. Clear your Clutter

Did you know that your subconscious mind notices EVERYTHING around you?

Your home may be organised and clean, but there may be possessions in your workspace that are deemed as ‘clutter’.

For me, clutter means anything that does not support the life you’re trying to create.

In your workspace, this means anything that is not primarily focused on making your business successful and abundant.

So, schedule time to declutter your space so that your subconscious mind is not distracted and ‘on alert’ at everything it sees and has to process. Only keep items that directly align with your business mission or brings joy and inspiration to you while you are working.

Discard any unwanted documents, books that don’t bring you joy, office stationery that you don’t use (hello stapler!!), alongside non-business things that deserve a space elsewhere in your home.

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This will leave an intentional and less cluttered space for more clarity.  We need this space in order to regain focus and grow!

  1. Sit in the Power Position

Place your desk in the ‘Power Position’ – facing the doorway – for an instant surge in focus and productivity.

This is based on feng shui principles. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system designed to create balance and harmony in our lives through cultivating chi (or the energy flow) around our homes. This is essential for workspaces to support success and abundance in our lives and businesses.

Many people ‘optimise the space’ by placing their desk against a wall or a window. In feng shui, this is known as the Poverty Position.⠀

Energy flows through the door, but often in this position, your back will be facing the incoming flow. This creates heightened brain activity as your subconscious feels threatened and unsupported, facing the wrong direction. You may feel distracted, unfocused and will procrastinate while you work.⠀

By turning your desk around and seeing the door(not in direct line of the energy flow), you will notice a significant shift in your body, mind and productivity.

credit: https://www.instagram.com/theviewfromtobaccoroad/

Your brain waves will be less alert, to enable more concentration, to notice opportunities and produce more joy!⠀

  1. Practice Transitioning

Balance in life is key! However, when you work from home, the line between home- and work-life blurs and you may feel constantly alert to your business!

With your office within walking distance, it can be difficult to stop working and transition from ‘business you’ to ‘relaxed you’ ready to unwind and spend time with your loved ones.

To make the transition easier, create a new habit or ritual that symbolises the end of your working day.

It could be something physical – taking your dog for a walk, going for a run or changing into different clothes – or something mindful – yoga, meditation or reflecting on the day.

Whatever it is, make sure it is something that transitions you to a relaxed and calm version of yourself and aligns with your lifestyle and passions to ensure you maintain the new habit.

We all need space and time away from our businesses – as that’s where the creativity and inspiration flow! We need disconnection for more connection, and this will keep you more focused and energised for your next working day.

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