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10 Podcasts You Will Love

10 Podcasts You Will Love

Amy Lanza

Are you always looking (or rather listening out) for the next best podcast? Recommendations from friends, 5-star reviews and word of mouth are just a few ways of finding your new favourite podcast. And to coincide with the launch of Make an Impact Season 3, we share a few of our top-rated, recommendations from yours truly!


Dose up on Mental Health and Wellbeing

It’s safe to say the mental health and wellbeing sphere is not short on podcast episodes, but there are SO MANY that it can be challenging to know where to even begin.

Collective member, Anne Sophie, is a huge fan of the “I Weigh” podcast with Jameela Jamil

It features some really powerful interviews with conversations around shame, mental health and other important topics such as the episode with Scar Curtis about chronic pain and medical gaslighting.”


What sprung from a social media post and is now a large-scale movement and Jamil challenges society’s definition of worth through weight by chatting to diverse voices; activists, creatives, thought-leaders and friends about their relationship to weight to find out where their true value lies. 

Something that Tamu Thomas similarly discusses: the true value of life and joy. If you are looking for heart-centred conversations with women that choose alignment over busy and create space for everyday joy, this is for you. On “Three Sixty Conversations“, Thomas explores topics such as grief, race, self-awareness and relationships with talented guests.



Celebrating women and all their power is something Women Who Founder, Otegha Uwagba, does only too well. She hosts the incredibly diverse and engaging podcast “In Good Company” which describes itself as a podcast for working women. It is full of practical advice and interviews with smart, successful women from a variety of backgrounds. From issues of pride, race, mental health and feminism, this podcast will refresh your mindset.

In the same way, exploring female and racial identity is a major factor in “AsianBossGirl (ABG)” the podcast.

“I started listening to some of their other podcasts on relationships and how they left their jobs, as well as their most recent podcast on Asian identity! Definitely recommend to any women, even if you’re not Asian!” – Rachel

THE ABG podcast is made by three Asian women in their 20s/30s who share their life experiences, specifically touching on the topic of how being Asian affects their day to day lives – from dating to careers to overall health. 


Indulge yourself: Food and Fitness

Fellow foodies rejoice as we are big fans of food-related podcasts. From your favourite dinner menu to plant-powered episodes, gut health trends and beyond, the podcasting world has something to suit even the pickiest of taste buds. When we’re in the mood for inspiring conversations from amazing chefs, we turn to “What the Focaccia” by Niki and Bettina.

Better known as Rebel Recipes and Bettina’s Kitchen across social media, each episode sees a brand new well-known guest to share their own food story. They chat about everything to do with food, sustainability and food choices. And be sure to listen to their special appearance on the Make an Impact Podcast Season 1!

Or, if you fancy invigorating all of your senses, Kimberly Espinel, founder of The Little Plantation, hosts the incredibly popular “Eat Capture Share” podcast. Espinel is a renowned food photographer, stylist and plant-based blogger and similarly, the podcast is dedicated to food, photography and social media. She interviews inspirational guests to share expertise and stories from a diverse and varied perspective.

Something that the “Coaching Ignited” podcast also boasts. Tune in and learn from some of the best coaches, experts, fitness professionals, industry leaders and thought-provoking people. Trainers at every level who want to discover new ideas, implement fresh strategies, get better results for their clients and be an all-round better fitness business owner.

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Ones for the business-minded

Take some time to learn a new skill or pick up some new tricks of the trade and throw yourself into “What Works” by Tata McMullin.

Transcend the hype and hear from small business owners about what’s REALLY working when it comes to running and growing their businesses.

Tara McMullin hosts candid conversations about the ins & outs of marketing, management, mindset, operations and more. This podcast provides an inside look at how coaches, educators, digital product creators, agency owners, writers, consultants, to make it work.

Putting all these skills into practice will undoubtedly take courage and commitment. It’s time to let Suzy Ashworth into your ears. “The Limitless Life Experiencehelps female entrepreneurs go from confusion to clarity when it comes to creating messaging that converts browsers into buyers. This podcast teaches you how to build a business that makes a real difference in the world and helps you live a life without limitations.

Are you looking to surpass your limitations and make a bigger impact with your message online? Get ready for Season 3 of the Make an Impact Show. Join us as we go on a mission to capture delightfully fun and inspiring conversations with creatives making a positive impact on other people and the planet.

Learn how to grow your online audience authentically, keep up with the latest marketing trends and hear stories from the movers and shakers, and get motivated to take the leap and build your online empire.

Be the first to find out about brand new episodes as they drop and catch up on all of Season 1 and 2 here.

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